Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Dumaluan Beach Resort,Bohol

Dumaluan Beach Resort Resort, Panglao Island in Bohol Philippines
-March 2009-

It was the first death anniversary of our Mom...since we knew Mommy will not want us to weep and be sad remembering her...I planned a family trip to Bohol. She may not be with us physically but she will always be in our hearts.

Bohol is known for nice beaches so we're excited to see it. We stayed at Bohol Plaza Hotel and they have van services that costs Php1200. It will take you to-and-fro the place you like to visit.

We asked the driver to bring us to the beach - a very nice beach if possible. And he recommended Dumaluan beach which is not that crowded, very nice & affordable.
There's no entrance fee, all you need to pay is the cottage you will be using. We took the small cottage which is already good for 10-12 persons, price is around Php250-350. It was about lunch time when we arrived and we're so hungry. Since we didnt pack any food, we ate at Dumaluan Restaurant & Lounge. The food was just so-so...nothing special and not big in servings...I recommend you pack food if you're a big group and wants to save on money as the food in the resto is not cheap.

behind them are the cottages

Ate Cielo with Dumaluan Restaurant & Lounge background

we don't want to waste money so, we made sure we finished off all the food! hehe

My family  - My Love :)
Well, we're fully charged and off the beach we go!

The first thing I love is the color of the beach - pristine blue-green water! And since the place is not crowded, we get to enjoy it more.

Fun under the sun!

enjoying the beach

Hero doesn't want to come out of the water even if he's left alone :)

The fine-textured sand is very inviting for the kids to have some fun as well. So make sure to bring their pails and shovels for some sand castle or even just sand digging activity.

excited for his "sand experience"

my nephew,Hero Miel, enjoys digging the sand
We did enjoy the sand, sea and atmosphere here in Dumaluan and if we're going back in Bohol, we will dropby again on this beach.

I'll share other Bohol destinations in my next blogs. :)

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