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Hinulugan Taktak National Park

Where was the name Hinulugan Taktak derived from?

Legend has it that sometime during the 16th century, the townsfolk of Antipolo were bothered by a church bell that produced harsh, unbearably loud sounds when rung during Angelus. They demanded that the local priest get rid of the bell . Bowing down to the clamor, the priest had it dropped in a nearby river. This explains the name, “Hinulugang Taktak” which means ‘where the bell was dropped’. As Antipolo became a religious site, the waterfalls also become a prominent destination for bathing and sightseeing. In the 1980s, it was declared a National Park by the government.

...and this is a place I've wanted to visit since I was young. And its because of the song that goes like this:
"Tayo na sa Antipolo at duo'y maligo tayo. Sa batis na kung tawagin ay Hi-Hi-Hinulugan ng taktak..."

-24 April 2011-

It was Easter Sunday, me,my sister-Ate Cindy and my friend -Joseph, decided to attend mass in Antipolo. Its the first time that we will be visiting Antipolo Church which is also known as the National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage.

After hearing the mass, we ate lunch at a nearby carinderia (Carinderia is a local eatery selling and serving and viands with wooden benches-which in modern times have been changed to monoblocks or plastic chairs.)and agreed to visit Hinulugan Taktak since none of us have been there before. We hailed a taxi...I mean, a tricycle, from the church and asked the driver to take us there.

It was around 5-10mins ride and we paid Php50 for the trip. The entrance to Hinulugan taktak (that we've learned has been a National Park when we saw the sign there) costs Php8.00 (it's really cheap!). But if you will be using the swimming pool then you would have to pay extra (I think it's around Php15-Php20).

hoping this site development plan will push through...or is it already finished?

Since all of us were first timers, we were all excited to see what's inside. But to our dismay, the place is not that  appealing...and the worst...the falls has a very foul odour and the water is dirty, with a lot of litters floating...This really made me sad.

I'm expecting that it has a relaxing ambience because of the falls but I dont want to stay near the falls at all. There were 2 swimming pools, one Big, one extra small. But I don't want to try dipping at the pool as well because its super crowded.

So what we did was just to take pictures (make sure we choose a good spot and look as if we're enjoying being there hehe). We roamed around and saw that the place really looks promising.

view from top

view in the middle - from the bridge

view from the the other side - after you crossed the bridge

If only the water streaming below the falls can be cleaned from the litters and plant more trees and flowers. If only they could add addtional pool to accomodate a lot of people (coz there were quite a number when we visited) and additional shower & rest rooms. And if only those people visiting the place will take care of their surroundings (not to throw garbage anywhere, pee only to the restroom,dont smoke etc..) then it might be a very good place to go to.
top view from below

bridge to get on the other side

@ the Grotto : kids are looking at the wishing well

and we dont know where this stairs is leading to... we didnt climb it coz the steps are too steep

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