Thursday, 23 June 2011

A Quick trip to Ilocos Norte

After our Vigan Day tour, instead of staying there for the night as what we original planned to do, we decided to go to Pagudpod. We took an aircon bus from Vigan to Laoag (fare Php150/each) and transferred to a non-aircon bus from Laoag to Pagudpod (fare Php100/each).It took us more or less 4hours for this trip. - All for wanting to see the WINDMILL! :)

Its already late at night & we dont have a particular hotel in mind. We're so glad that Ilocanos are so helpful! :) I asked the bus conductor if there will be hotels or resorts near the bus terminal and he informed us that there's none and we still need to ride a tricycle to be able to reach one. He told us that tricycle at that hour might be few or none at all but that he knew someone who has tricycle in case there's none. Thankfully, there are still few on the terminal when we reached it and the conductor told the driver to bring us to a cheap but safe place for that night.

We reached Jun & Carol Beach Cottages around 9pm (Tricycle Fare: Php50).
Room rate: Php1000/room - it has 2 double-size beds, tv, aircon and hot & cold shower.

The Tricycle driver (Kuya Nelson) offered us a Tour for the next day.
We opted to have the Southbound Tour as we dont have much time to spare coz we'll be taking the bus back to Manila the following night.

The next day, im so happy when i checked out the beach and found out that the Windmill was just at the other end of the island! (we'll it looks near...if only there are boats available to cross the sea) But no worries, our tour will be starting at 8am and we'll be exploring new sceneries! :)

Southbound Tour started:8am
Haggled Tour Price to: Php500
Destinations: Bangui Windmills,Bangui View deck,Kapurpurawan Rock Formation (additional destination) & Cape BojeadorLighthouse

Along the way, we took to short stops to take a picture, first to a giant clam shell display then to the welcoming sign of Pagudpod :
Remy & I @ the Giant Clam Shell
im gonna explore Pagudpod more next time! :)

Bangui Windmills - Yey! one tourist spot i really wanna see :)

Taken from Bangui Viewing Deck
Front view of Kapurpurawan Rock Formation (Burgos,Ilocos Norte)
@ Kapurpurawan Rock Formation Back view  - its worth visiting!
Last stop -Cape Bojeador Lighthouse,Burgos,Ilocos Norte
Tour Ended : 12nn

We then took a non-aircon bus from Burgos to Laoag, fare Php60. Travel time is about an hour. We stopped by Jollibee to have lunch and to check if we can charge the battery of my camera. Unfortunately, the plug didnt fit... Well, thanks for the technology of having phone cameras - we can stil pose some more!

On the right side : Marcos Mausoleum

From Laoag, our destinations are Marcos Museum & Mausoleum and Paoay Church. We took a tricycle to the Paoay jeepney terminal, fare is Php9/pax. Jeepney fare to Marcos Museum & Mausoleum is Php25/pax plus Php9/pax tricycle fare.

No picture taking allowed in the Mausoleum but cameras can be used at the musem. 

Several steps away from the musem is the office of Ilocos Norte Representative Imelda Marcos that also served as her Photo Gallery.

After this, we took a tricycle (costs us Php50.) to Paoay Church (also known as the St. Augustine Church in Paoay).  Its coral stone bell tower was used by the Katipuneros as an observation post during the Philippine Revolution in 1898.

Paoay Church
Our Ilocos Escapade began in the Church in Vigan (Apo Santo Kristo in Simbaan Bassit,Vigan) and ended it here in Paoay Church. We feel so blessed having it this way. This is our final stop to give thanks for our wonderful trip!

(Ilocos Sur to Ilocos Norte :June 4-6,2011) 

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